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Everyday its no pleasure than reading heart-felt thank you messages from our members, We wish everyone who got married from us, all the very best and happy marriage life & blessed kids with all the success in the world.

If you like to help us spread the word and let others to know that you found your partner from our website, please send us a testimonial and wedding photo to publish in our website; we really appreciated it as the greatest return of favour. Since we only publish true testimonials your testimonials are invaluable to us.

Once again congratulations and happy marriage. You will be in our hearts and mind forever..

Dear liyathabara team,

It is with great pleasure that I announce you I have found my soul mate through your website. I created my profile under the username Shenal96 a few months back and I came across the ideal partner for me (under the username Splender)

We made a great match and we decided to have our marriage done last month. We are now a happily married couple living in the UK and we are grateful to express our gratitude to the team of liyathabara for the support provided.

marriage sri lanka vivah sri lanka

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...!
Splender & Shenal96
14th February, 2024

Dear liyathabara,
matrimony sri lanka marriage proposals sri lanka
I'm chanaka and my lovely wife name is vidu and we come to know each other through your site and within two weeks we got engaged on 27 april 2016. I'm very glad to inform you i found my beautiful dream girl and got engaged because of your precious site and i like to post our story and engagement pictures on your website page.

Thanks & Regards,
Chanaka & Vidu.

Dear liyathabara,
matchmaking sri lanka
Dear Liyathambara team,
I would be delighted to take the pleasure to thank you all for making it possible for me to find my loving wife Vinu. I wish you all every success for the job you do, and our lovely wedded life devotes every gratefulness for bringing us together.
Vinu and Sha
16th March, 2018

Dear Liyathabara team,
We would like to thank the Liyathabara team, for the remarkable service which you’re doing for the society. Your site enable us to find ourselves a perfect match meant to each other and glad to inform that we are to get marry during the months of June/July of this year 2017. We could not express in words, how the dreams come true to ourselves in such short time. Had it not been Liyathabara, we never met each other. So, once again thank you very much for your kind, accurate & liable service you have provided & wishing you to continue the valuable service for a longtime and also highly recommend for other as well.
Thanking you,
Buddika & Dulanthi

Hello the brilliant lovely team of liyathabara

It is much pleasure of your site as this has given me an opportunity to find my eternal partner through your web site. We will be married in January next year. Thank you so much for your lovely service given to thousands of thousand bachelors who are waiting to find their soul mates. Keep it up and maintain the valuable service you render through your site and it is indeed in a money minded society your service is great . Yes it is marvellous. Once again we both of us together must be thankful to you all very much for giving this opportunity to make our marriage a reality.
My user name is deepxxx and his is Tasxxx. Please make arrangements t o delete our profiles and again thank you for ur invaluable service my dear team members.

Best luck
Deepika & Dimuth

Dear Sir.

I don't have words to say how much I am gratfull to you and the team. Yes I am single mom for couple of years.

I have lost all the hopes on proposals. Totally dissapointed on proposals. which I registered my proposal. But today after so many years I am so happy, so happy. Knowing there are good people still in this world. And there to help me to find a partner.

And I am very sure. God will give me the correct person in to my life through this site.

Once Again a big thank you the owner of the liyathabara web site and the team. May God bless You all with success and prosperity..

Thank you

Dear Admin,
We, rainbow_r and Geath_, Initiated contacting each other through Liyathabara on 13th January 2012, and proceeded to achieve our dreams. We got married and this simple note is to THANK YOU ALL for all the help and advice provided through Liyathabara website. We highly appreciate you for providing such a service and specially a secure place for people to find their life partners.

We also like to thank and wish all the very best to all the genuine people we met here on Liyathabara, personally, before we say Good bye to this Site. And hope during the coming week we will get that opportunity.

Again Thank You Sooooo Much for bringing Love and Happiness to our lives. Simple things do matter a lot.

Thank you,
Kind Regards,
rainbow_r and Geath_

Dear Liyathabara Team,

I received several proposals through newspapers during the past 6 years, but could not find the right girl. A few people advised me not to look for proposals through websites like Liyathabara describing that all these proposals are bogus (unlike the proposals advertised on newspapers). However, your beautiful website finally enabled me to find the right genuine dream girl. Now we are becoming husband and wife very soon.

Kindly delete my profile. Last, but not least we would like to say a very big THANK YOU to your Team with a bunch of roses for your excellent services rendered to the community in this country.

Best Regards
Ranil & Ushani

I have 2 amazing men in my life rite now. Jesus + Udaya, the lover of my life . Yes I found my lover here on Liyathabara. An amazing guy with a big heart. So ritenow i don't search for anyone. I pray and hope that HIS love for me last forever. Let me tell what love is all about ,- Love isn t being with someone you could spend the rest of your life with , it s being with someone you couldn t spend your life without.. I waited for so long. I m glad i found him.

BTW thanks for the view .. and for all the interests i get .. no longer in searching rite now, and wish you all, the best of searching.. if u r still single pls never ever give up..its all about timing -

Thank you !

Very first i want to thanks liyathbara page,Year ago i mate a girl from liyathabara page .she is now my wife, really happy to say that i mate my partner from liyathabara page.since i'm working in overseas,its hard to find suitable partner for me but finally got it.

thank u liyathbara

Dear Liyathabara team,

Thanks to your site I met my soulmate last year and now we are married and having a wonderful time. So I would like to close my profile and my husband wishes to do the same. We want to leave a testimonial in appreciation of your website. Please advice us how we can do so.

Jackie & heshan1976

Dear Liyathabara Team,

We take this opportunity to thank you guys for providing this kind of service that you provided to us to fine the better half of our life. Moreover thanking you for the valued support and please do continue your brilliant work for the future.

Best Wishes,

Supun & Harshi

Dear Liyathabara Team,

I am so glad that I have tried your web site to find a partner for my sis. Great job, my sis found the love of her life. I am so grateful to all your effort and hard work. Well done. Once again we all are so thankful to you. Keep it up.

All the very Best

Thank you. I found my life partner through you. I am getting married in a few weeks. I tried many other agencies at the same time.

Yours; was the best..


I would like to thank you for helping me to find soul mate. We got married on 13/10/11 at Wadduwa Holiday Resort and we will be celebrating our anniversary on 13/10/2012 with our first born baby boy.

Best Regards

hi guy's... firstly thanks for everything !!!, i am now married and will no longer be using this site again. i did find my on wife on this site and again a very big thank you !!

cheers !!

Dear Sir / Madam
Please be good enough to remove my profile from Liyathabara matrimonial since I have found a perfect partner at last. I thank you for the wonderful services rendered and wish you prosperity in the future endeavors.
Thank you.

My parents have found a good proposal from Liyathabara match making. So I would like to say my sincere thank to your website as it did help our parents and many of other parents too to find a perfect partner. So I will be thankful if you remove my profile from this site.


This site is very good I found my perfect partner through this site . I wish you all - all the very best.

Dear Liyathabara,

I would like to thank you for this site as this has given me the opportunity to track down my future wife. i met her somewhere during the month of April and it was on this website, where she sent me a request and from their it blossomed. We have now scheduled the wedding for May of 2012. Her username is p2p2p2p2p2 and now i guess we are destined to be with each other. Anyway i thank you again, and with that i would like you to delete me from this website.
Thanking you
LK101221 & p2p2p2

We got married through this website.we r very much thankful to the site & the service provided for us.

God bless u.
fred & benji

Dear Liyathabara team,
It is much great pleasure of your site since I found my eternal life partner through your search engine. Your site made us so meaningful trough out our lives and we will be married in next week. Once again we must thanking you all very much of giving this opportunity to find the reality of the marriage for both of us.

- Prabath and Nawoda

Hi ,

I think I should tell this to your team. I met my husband through this web site. Thank you very much for creating and maintaining this valuable web site. This is worth more than the money we pay to you all. We got married in last December and came to London for 2 1/2 years. Now we deleted our profile. Once again thank you very much for your social service. All the best for future Cheers

- Kumudu.

Hello there,

I would like request u to close my membership as i'm happy to say that i have actually found my life partner via your site.

Thank u so much for this lovely service..
God bless u all.


Finally.. this may be the place to find someone nice and interesting ... and lets see how it goes .... and it amazingly went well and found someone i meant to be with!! Thank you Liyathabara!!

- Capcove

I am so much grateful to you for maintaining this site. I m so glad that I found my best life partner through this site. I am a former Captain SLA, delayed my marriage due to various reasons. But i never believed that I would find my ideal partner through this site. She is the perfect female I ve ever met in my life. We are scheduled to marry soon.So much thanks

Bhawma & Sasara

Dear Liyathabara Team,

It has been my pleasure been here as I have received many mails and all seem to be genuine and I do appreciate that. Cheers & good luck for the great work done here.

Many Thanks.

dear sir,

i am happy to inform u that i have found my partner through this service .we got married 3 weeks a go in sri lanka .

Mr & Mrs kith & gaya

Sorry!..for not writing about myself....but I have to tell the fact that I have found my soul mate or else my life partner through Liyathabara and would like to Thank! the web site and the team for their excellent work...

Thanks! once again :)

Shawn from Italy

We take this opportunity to thank you for all the assistance that you rendered to me enabling me to find a partner from liyathambara. we wish to inform you that we got married on the 24 th of January 2011.

While thanking you for the valued support and please do continue your good work for the future too..

Thanking you once again.

Shan & Mahi

Had it not been for liyathabra.com, we would never have met! With clear intentions, honest communication, some luck, and good timing, we have managed to bring the world together through our relationship. We are your poster children and thought you should know!

Many Thanks,

Many thanks for the wonderful service offered by Liyathambara team in connecting people. I have posted my profile sometime back and as I have found my prospective partner by now I am willing to get it removed from this site. Therefore, it will be very much appreciated if my profile made inactive in this site!

Thank You,

I have fund my perfect partner. Please deactivate my account. I thank you and wish all the others all the best.

Best regards -

Though I tried for a suitable match through family connections and many newspaper ads, I finally found mano through your site.

thuhina and mano,

tks for liyatabara site..coz i met via this page good loving partner.........................hope other members are getting good future with good matching partner....................again and again many many thanks for liyatambara site


please remove my profile. I have found a nice boy from your site thank you very much for that.

First of all I must thank the people behind this precious site. I have been trying to find a suitable parter for my sister for years but I recently found out about this site and that was best decision i took in my life.

Thanks once again for maintaining a wonderful site.

Good luck !!!!!!!

In fact, we did just that. Certainly we are a couple of the world, who share both western and eastern values and together have carved out our relationship across distance, space, and time. Within three months of meeting, we were


This programme is very useful for unmarried ladies and gents

- Sumudu

dear sir thanks liyathabara web site i highly appreciate liyathabara team best service and information communicate and conversation

- Roy

First I want to thank you for joining me to your web site.I've already found a few nice guys & keep in touch with them...

- Pav

HI all, I found what I was looking for from this site for years. Thanks for everyone for your interest and mailing me. I have tried to reply to all of you and showed interest in many. Among hundreds who wrote to me, he was there. so, for now I am going to be away from this site. But account will stay active. In few months if everything foes right, I will close this account.

Thanks once again and good luck to all.

- Seya

It gives me great pleasure to get membership of your data base. Two weeks back I registered in your website and when I go through the site I feel this would be a better place for me to find my partner. I got to know about your website by one of your active member (Chxxara). She is living in New Zealand and she recommended me to get membership of your website. I already received positive feedback and so I decided to upgrade my membership. So far I'm very happy with your service and the structure of website.


Thank you so much to help to find the life partner. Really i wish for this web site. I too won from this site. So i need to thank you again and again.
And also i kindly request you to cancel mt account. Again and again i have to say you, thank you so much.


thanks for the cooperation with liyathambara.
So after long time i find the my lovable partner,
So Thanks for the cooperative with us without showing nothing.
this is my huge target and thanks to liyathambara i find my everlasting angel.........
Thanks all the best ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

. My account was deleted and I am gald to inform you I found my wife through this website. Thank you very much for your service. My wife is in UK right now. we got married in April. I deleted my account when everything complte


Thank You Dear Liyathambara,

Met my soulmate through your site, and my waititng is over.Happily married,on 30th may 2013, I wish all the very best to all the team of liyathambara, and I personally recommend this site to anyone out there whois in search of your life partner....


Dear liyathabara,
I'd like to delete my liyathabara profile since I've already found my
life partner. So, please delete it from your site. My profile name is
pavxxx. I really appreciate ur service and hope many more singles will
join with you.
Once again, thank you so much for your kind and reliable service you gave me.
God bless !

Dear Liyathambara Team,

First of all I got a good news to tell you that I have found the love of my life from Liyathambara and we are getting married on next Monday. One of my friends recommended this site to me and I never thought that I will ever get a chance to white a success story like this to you all. Me and my fiance both wanted to thank you and wish you all the best to continue this site to help many others to find their love.

Thank you.
Tam2210 & RoshanMelb

Dear Liyathabara Team.

Hi, My Name is Sameera, I would like to thank you all to give me a such a wonderful chance to find my dream girl. Finally I met my soul partner through your site. I like to recommend this site as a No.1 site for Marriage proposals and matrimonial. Wish you all the best for you all to continue this and help others to find their soul partners. Thank you very much..

Sameera & Dilki

I really appreciate your service and like to thank all the staff in your company. finally I found my perfect partner, now I am going to marry next January, thanks to you guys. so please remove my profile from the web, as no need of finding a partner. I will recommend your site who ever searching for a partner.


Recently wixxxd promised to marry. Our marriage wii be after 15t janiary next year So i thank for your organisation.


Dear Team Liyathambara,
Wish you a very happy new year filled with all the success. I'm sorry to use this way to wish and I had to use this path since there was no way to wish you. I would like to pay my gratitude to you for the trustworthy service you provided me so far. It's a priceless service. Thank you very much


I just like to thank you that I now found a partner from your site and intend to marry on the 29th of March 2014. Its been nearly two years since we met on Liya and it has changed both our lives so much so thank you Liyathambara for giving us the opportunity to meet our lives partners
kind regards


Hi, first I would like to thanks to the LIYATHAMBARA site because I could find my partner through this site. Thanks a lot for you LIYATHABARA.

We will be married on mid of next year and hope the other members also could find the right person through this site.

Thanks and regards,


very very thanks liyathabara rly , i m sri lankana girl so
mata godaaak sathutui ,aththatama liyathabara walata godaaak thanks.

august 9 2013, mata godaaaak adaree karana mage giwitheta labaenna oni mage perants wagema mage laga inna mage ayya (partner) mata liyathabara walin meet una godaaak thnaks rly mage giwithe thibunu lokuma sathuta mata labune mee web site aken again rly thanks liyathabara


i'am shani. i have 25 years old. my dreams come true use this site. This site is very good I found my perfect partner through this site. This programme is very useful for unmarried ladies and gents. Again Thank You So Much registration me
shani (shanai)

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am very thankful to Liyathabara for finding my ultimate soul mate recently. I wish the services of Liyathabara should continue for Sri Lankans like me. Please be good enough to remove my profile from Liyathabara.
Thank you once again
Richard Samdeva.

Dear All,
This goes out to the excellent team at Liyathabara for the wonderful and superb service you have provided through this site.

I was registered with this site by my family somewhere in mid 2013 and I received as much as around 50 responses but sad to say around 40% fake and bogus characters, anyway from the balance 10% that came until March 2014 there was 3 good and genuine profiles from which I took an independent decision and communicated with one of them with was Samdeva and I am happy to say that we met during his vacation in end March and we had many compatibilities and received the blessings of our families before he left for overseas after his vacation and we will be getting married in the last week of July 2014.

So this comes in appreciation from both of us and we thank u from the bottom of hearts for bringing us together as we our from two countries separated by the ocean.

We take this opportunity to wish Liyathabara and its team all the very best and all success to keep continuing with their wonderful service.

Good luck and keep it up.

Thank you,
With kindest regards,
Deva & Pamela

Thank you for LIYATABARA

This is to inform you that I have registered in your Genuine Marriage Proposal Web site.

After few months, I found a genuine partner through your website. It is very happy to inform with thanks from bottom of my heart I got marriage on 1st May 2014.

One of the Liyathambara members

Hi Liyatabara

This's Nirmala1 and found my person right ( SHINTHU) from here recently. We got married last month and started our happy life together. All I wanted is to say Thank you with a bunch of flowers.

2014 07 13

essay to find a proposal because of ur web site,thanks for helping to find matching one.and highly appreciate the way u handling this web site.thanking ur web site once again becouse u helping people like us


Dear Liyathabara,

First I must thank to you and your support staff for being giving me the opportunity to display my marriage proposal in your site.

I dealt with you trustfully and always follow your instructions and guidance to find a good partner.

I am fond of happy to say I got a nice partner from your site and took time to inform you. I am really apologize it and we got to know each other and have visited the parents.

He is in USA and we are discussing further arrangements.
As our agreement I frankly say you I maintain an excellent character and protect your trade name.

Once again I would like to thanks Liyathabara.Liyathabara is the best matrimonial site in Sri Lanka. Good Luck!


Its my pleasure to inform you that I met a right match from your esteem marriage proposal site.With bless of all we got married on 19th of December after a few months of lovely interaction.
I am taking this happy and gratitude moment to thank you for helping me to step forward in my life with lovely wife .

Thank you again
Nalin & Wasanthi

Hello CS
i'm very thankful to your service 3 years back i used your service and i found my husband via your site & we r blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Now i'm using to find parter for my sister. really appreciate your service.
Thank u

Dear Liyathabara,

We Harsha & Surangi, Would like to Thank the Liyathabara, for the Valuable service rendered through this Website, Finally enabled us to find the perfect match meant for each other. And glad to inform you that We got married week ago.
Had it not been for liyathabara, we would never have met! Who knows.. So once again, thank you so much for your kind and reliable service you have provided & wish you would continue for a longtime.

Thank you,
HarshaH & Surangi5

Thank you so much. Liyathabara. You did great
Job. I found my future partner and we had
Our engegment on this April. Wedding will be held
On end of this year.
I will send some photos in future. Finally
I found nice girl, she is a doctor & I am an
Accountant. Now we are fell in love, she
Care about me and my mom,( my mom is sick, & I am not living in Sri Lanka ),

So thank you so much " liyathabara "
Wish you a all the best.
Best Regards

Hi there,

I have finally found my life partner. she is such a nice girl from a decent respectable family. I would like to thanx to liyathabara for helping me to find my life partner. thanks so much.


Dear Sir

This has been a comprehensive website that caters to genuine contenders seeking matrimony.

Our girl has at last reached her goal and we wish to unsubscribe the membership forthwith.

Wish your organization every success and shall never hesitate to recommend your site as the foremost on-line matrimonial one stop shop that never fails its service seekers.

In the circumstance it would be ungrateful if we wouldn’t tender our sincere gratitude that your services have been absolutely free of charge.

An outstanding service to the Sri Lankans domiciled not only in Sri Lanka but also every corner of the world those who cannot afford such a costly experience.



W. Rajaratne

First of all i would like to thanking you Liyatamara.I got a good partner.I need to remove my details from contact list. KIndly advice how to remove.

Thanks A Lot

Dr. Liyathabara,
I met my soulmate through your website before few months.Now we love each other very much and we hope to marry next year. so I intend my sincere gratitude for your website.A huge service is done for identifying couples from you.
I wish you all the very best for your future.
Thank you.
I ' m Subha.
thank you the web site.
i met my soul mate from your site.
thanks for your service
Dear Ĺiyathambara Team,
A very good day to you all.
yes I found my life partner and now we are living a happy life under one roof.
Searched around the world for a suitable partner but finally found my love from my home town who lives just few miles away from my home.
Thanks alot liyathambara team and all the best for all your future activities.

I have found my life partner from your marriage proposal service. Thank you for that. I no need to use any more this my liyathabara account. If you don't mind please deactivate my account.
Thank you

firstly i Must Thanks To Liyathmbara Management For Giving Me An Opportunity To Join In Their Website.
and i found my life partner in here ..
our wedding held on may 2016.
actually i'm very happy your service.
i will send our wedding photograph after the wedding..
i'm thank again your web site & management...
all the best for all...
Budusaranai Everybody
good bye...

That's nice, to send a Token of appreciation. Thank you. You're very creative, Like the way you're team think.
Before registration with you I when through your full site, guidance offered, tips, etc. You have done your homework and good research. wonderful job!!! and feel safe as well to be in this site. It encouraged me to register with your site. Thanks for all the hard-work. Hope so many have benefited from it.

I am glad to inform you that I found my life partner through Liyathabara today. So I am going to remove my account as a request by her. Thank you very much for your support.
Good luck

I really appreciate your service which provide support to find life partner for desperate young people. I have a success story and I am happily married with a beautiful baby. We have met thanks to your website in 2012 and fortunate to marry within an year and now 3 years for our successful marriage life. And we are forever thankful you for giving us an opportunity to meet from your website. We are sorry that it took so long to thank you. Please accept our sincere grateful for your service. Thanks a lot. We wish you all the very best, courage to provide greater support to people and success for your company.
Priyadharshani and Manjula
Dear All at Liyathambara,
I found my life partner through your site. Thank you all for helping me for this
Dear Liyathabara,
I hope you all are doing well. I am very glad to inform you that I found my soul mate through your website. I would like to thank you and bless you the good work that you are doing.
I hope your wonderful website will help many other single people to become mingle.
We got married on 28th January 2017. And my life became complete.
I would further say that your site is very safe and confidential for every one. Whoever the founder of your site I would give my regards and the team as well.
With Love,
Tanya & Sajith

Dear Liyathabara Administration,
I kindly inform you that i was married with a person who found from liyathabara marriage proposal site.(kalpanaxx with samanthsxx)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.and also I highly appreciate your service.Good luck to your team.
Thank you
Kalpanaxx(profile name)
J.A.T.M Jayasingha.
I found my soulmate. Thank you very much Liyathambara.
We are in love. We are so happy. Coz we were meant to be met. Our parents are also happy.
We are going to marry soon.
Great job. Keep it up Liyathambara.

Thank you again.
Kandy8xxx 05/07/2017
Dear all @ Liyathabara
I would like to thanks for your Genuine Marriage Proposal web site, Thanks to your service and support I found a genuine partner. I got married on 25.05.2018.
Thank you for your website & services once again.
Inoka p

Dear Customer Service Team/Admin.
Just want to advise you that i deleted my profile (USER Name Rxxx) from your Site yesterday.
As i did meet someone from your Site and Thank You Very much.
We are Good Friends and i am hoping it would lead to a Long Term relationship.
THANK YOU FOR giving me the opportunity to meet someone and would appreciate your help.

I have found my perfect match through your website, therefore I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude. Thank you very much Liyathabara team for bringing my soul-mate into my life...

Hi ,
I have been using liyathabara since January. Before that also i have used this site. I'm happy to say , I got married 14th of this month. I found my life partner from this site. Thank you very much. She lives in USA. i'm in UK.
Thank you very much.
Kind regards

Dear Admins of liyathabara site.
I want to thanks you all that my liyathabara profile is proceeding you about 4 years. Its a great help for ladies who want to get marry really. At last i could find a partner from your proposal site. So thank you very much.
Wish you all the best.
Sanjana( profile ID )

Dear Admins of liyathabara site.
Thank you so much liyathambara for finding my soul mate to me.he is in USA and me in Srilanka.without this website i wont be able to find him. Thanks & Regards.

Dear Admin.
I'm soo happy to inform that i have met my life partner through this site. I would be much grateful to you to find my better-half and wish you good-luck to improve this site more and more. Have a great time ahead..

I am Major from the Sri Lankan Army. I myself living along. I'm getting separated and my divorce case will be finished at the end of this 2020. Finally, I found my partner with all other's rejection and declining one beautiful, unmarried, matured, Lady from Colombo who is having a couple of Degrees, PGDs and Masters she gave me her consent to marry once finishing of my divorce case.
Thank you again. And I hope you'll find your partners as soon as possible and I wish you all the very best.
May the noble triple gem bless you.